what we do

What we do?

From the outset, we’ve had a different approach to consultancy. In addition to our breadth of experience and expertise, what makes us stand out is our total commitment to our clients.

Our core services in consultancy are project and programme management and cost consultancy. These services are enhanced by a range of specialist services of strategic advisory and engineering, to name but a few.

Ever since our service lines have developed alongside our clients’ needs and often on the back of a specific request for us to introduce new services or enter new markets.

Some of our clients want a single service, whilst others want to appoint us for an integrated service – or a turnkey solution, or they approach us to be a contractor or their facilities management provider.

We recognise that every client and every project is unique – so we do not work to predetermined formulas or rely on “off the shelf solutions.”  We offer a truly bespoke service in consultancy, tailored specifically to the client’s exact requirements, with the vision and flair to come up with the right answer each and every time. Whichever way you choose, you can be sure of our solid commitment to deliver on our promise to meet and exceed your expectations and enhance your brand in line with your goals and aspirations.

Further, you can get in touch with us for Construction Programme, Cash Flow, Cost Plan, Budget Estimate, Construction Phase Plan/Trafic Plan, Quantity take off and value engineering for projects.

We strive to create new opportunities. Far more than just buildings, we see property in terms of its larger context, whether we are regenerating forgotten parts of the city or reviving local communities. On every project, we consider possibilities such as community involvement and social inclusion, and strive to create places that invoke local pride.